Benefice Newsletter – Sunday 13th March

Dear Congregation and Friends of St Mary Longcot,

Please find attached the Benefice Newsletter and associated documents for Sunday. 

St Mary, Longcot.   The Revd Robin Cardwell has kindly agreed to lead our service of Holy Communion at St Mary on Sunday, which will begin at 9.30am.  We look forward to welcoming Robin back to our church.  Refreshments will be served afterwards.

New Chairs For Nave.  On Friday we had some chairs delivered to St Mary as examples of the types of chairs we might purchase for the nave.  We need to make a choice between chair design, type of wood and type of material.  Do come along to church tomorrow and see what you think.  Comments to Keith or other members of the PCC.  At the PCC meeting this coming Wednesday we hope to make a decision and thus have the new chairs by mid-May.

Old Pews.  We have had a good deal of interest in the old pews but some may still be available after the next batch of viewings on Saturday, so please let me know if you are interested in having one.  All we are asking is a donation to church funds.

Best Wishes,


Longcot with Fernham PCC

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