Benefice Newsletter – Sunday 5th June

Dear Congregation and Friends of St Mary Longcot,

Please find attached the Benefice Newsletter for Sunday 5th June and the associated documents, as well as a note below from Lucy, our Benefice Administrator.

Opening of the Longcot Village Community Hub in St Mary’s Church.   Thank you to everybody who attended and helped out at the opening of the Community Hub last Sunday.  It was a lovely event and was made extra special by all those who contributed their time and effort to make it so.  As Lucy explains in her e-mail below, she has just received photographs of the opening, so has included some of them in the Newsletter.

Sunday Pentecost Service at St Mary, Longcot.  This Sunday’s service will be Holy Communion by extension and will be led by Richard Fergusson.  Start time is the usual 9.30am.   In common with many parts of the Oxford Diocese we will be offering communion in two kinds again from Sunday (wafer and wine) but it is a personal decision whether you want to take the common cup or continue to take just the wafer.  Please see the Newsletter for further details.

Best Wishes,


Longcot with Fernham PCC

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