Benefice Newsletter – Sunday 10th April

Dear Congregation and Friends of St Mary Longcot,

Please find attached the Benefice Newsletter and associated documents for Sunday.

St Mary, Longcot.  This weekend’s service at St Mary is a Palm Sunday Holy Communion at 8am and will be taken by the Revd Norma. I am afraid that it has to be at an unsociably early hour in order to get Norma to Shrivenham in time to prepare for the traditional procession which begins at 10am.  Please make it if you can – otherwise there is always the procession, followed by the Benefice Family Service at St Andrew.

Electoral Rolls & APCM.  May I draw your attention to the notices about the electoral rolls and the APCM, which will be held in St Mary at 6pm on Tuesday 10th May.

Best Wishes,


Longcot with Fernham PCC

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