Benefice Newsletter – Sunday 3rd October

Dear Congregation and Friends of St Mary Longcot,

Please find attached the Benefice Newsletter and associated documents for this Sunday.

Opening of St Mary The Virgin Longcot.  You will all be aware that we are holding our first service in the newly refurbished St Mary on Sunday 3rd October at 3pm.  It will be a Village Harvest Festival service with our Methodist colleagues.  The Revd Norma Fergusson will be co-leading the service with our local Methodist preacher.    There will be refreshments after the service, which will include coffee/tea (and something slightly stronger), biscuits and cakes.   Villagers not attending the service have also been invited to join us 4:15pm to share the refreshments and to have a closer look at the stunning transformation inside the church.  Do please have a good think about how best we should use the new facilities.  Members of the Longcot Village Trust have been giving this plenty of thought but we need you all to share your ideas with us.  Sunday afternoon will be an ideal time for us to do just that.

Best wishes,


Longcot with Fernham PCC

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