St Mary’s Community Facility Project – Please Donate

Longcot Village Trust has set up a GoFundMe page to try and raise the final £40,000 to renovate and improve the Church. These improvements will include an internal oak framed mezzanine structure with a staircase leading to a gallery at the west end of the Nave. This will provide ample storage and a partially glazed open meeting room which will overlook both the bell tower and the Nave. On the ground floor, a kitchenette, a private meeting room and a disabled toilet facility with baby changing will be installed. Work will also include updating the heating and lighting systems to reduce carbon footprint; installing super fact broadband access and a new, distributed IT and sound system. External pathways will also be provided to create easier access for the elderly and disabled. Hopefully this will be able to encourage others to join in with the village community and possibly bring new residents to the village.

We have already raised a sum of £150,000 but we would love for you to make a donation to help us reach our goal to help the community.

Here is the link to the GoFundMe page

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