COVID 19 – updates

Hopefully the majority of homes have now received a postcard to our help if it is required. If not please contact

There has also been a number of updates on Longcot NextDoor

car crime…

Please lock your cars – there has been an increase of petty theft from cars as it appears because you are at home you are not locking your cars.

Vets …

We have spoken to Elms vets in Faringdon today and they are open for emergencies and will do consultations over the phone – using pictures etc. I have spoken to Court Vets in Stanford and they are also open for emergencies (emergencies also include initial courses of vaccination – first annual booster for puppies and kittens etc). They are also doing online consultations (using photos etc). Boosters for your dog can be left for 3 months past the date suggested for renewal which gives a little time for those needed them soon. Courts Vets are also open for all routine medication (and food) and are accepting payment on the phone and a safe collection from outside. If you are a regular at this vets and need some animal medication bringing back to Longcot only – ask when you phone and pay and you might get a doorstep delivery (can’t promise – but worth a try!)

Millets Farm Shop is open…

Millets is open and is only allowing a few shoppers in at a time but only allows one person per household to shop at a time. Any more and you will be turned away, which is sensible. Taking card only payments. They are also now offering a collection service.

Longcot Play Equipment is now closed.

All play equipment is now no longer available and is closed to the public. The open space is able to be used but the 2 metre guidelines must be adhered to please.

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