Longcot Info from the Parish Council

  1. PARISH COUNCIL MEETING: The next Parish Council meeting is now on Tuesday  27th June, the one last week had to be canceled at the last minute.
  2. WANTAGE INDEPENDENT ADVICE CENTRE: Some people may not know about WIAC – which does not just help people who live in Wantage and Grove  – they are ‘In the Vale For the Vale’.
    1. They have sent a note saying that in these uncertain times, they want to make sure they reach out to all the people living in our area who need their help and assistance – especially with things like transport to doctors appointments and the like.
    2. However they do so much more than that – and and they are extraordinarily helpful, understanding, kind and above all, independent. Their website can be found HERE and it’s well worth having a look. You never know, you might be able to help them too.
    3. They have also sent us this Poster which explains more and it can be found HERE. (It will open in a separate window and you can then print it off if you wish)
    4. Their contact details are: Wantage Independent Advice Centre, 16 Market Place, Wantage, Oxon, OX12 8AE.  TEL: 01235 765348
  3. TENNIS: Andi Cunningham was wondering whether anyone was interested in playing tennis…… If yes then get in touch with her directly or through the email address above.
  4. AN ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN: The Head teacher  from our school has been in touch to say that we have people climbing the school roof again in the evenings – so please be aware and if you see this happening then either  phone the police or ask them not to do it, which is a good start.
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