What a wonderful thing the Internet is

Apart from village news and tales of missing dogs, stolen bikes and, most importantly for the children, the Easter Egg hunt at St Mary’s, the Internet and the village website, serves to keep us all in touch.

It helps to keep those who have left in touch with happy memories, and it helps to remind those who live in the village, just how lucky we are and how much worse it might have been. I mention this because I was very moved to receive the following note this afternoon.

I was recently on your Website and noticed on your ” Lest We Forget ” page you had the name of my Great Uncle Private Meddows Hughes saying that you didn’t know the connection to Longcot. My name is Susan Lear nee Miller. I was born and raised in Shrivenham. My family came from Longcot.

My Great Grandfather was Frank Miller who ran the Bakers in Longcot in the early 1900s. He was the son of Silvanus Miller, the village Blacksmith who died in 1876.

Frank Miller married Gertrude E Hughes who already had a son by the name of Meddow Hughes ( born out of wedlock ).

They went on to have 9 children.

You are correct in saying that he died on March 22nd, 1918 and is indeed buried at Arras.

I Hope you don’t mind me sending Email but just wanted to confirm how Meddows was connected to Longcot. I have a photo of him in his Uniform with his step brother ( also my great Uncle ) Ron Miller who was lucky enough to survive that terrible War.

I have asked Suesy for a copy of the photograph and if she can get it to me, we’ll put it up. I just thought you’d like to know.

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