Village News from The LPC


  1. Chickens: Longcot is now officially outside the bird-flu danger area so our eggs – and chickens – can once again be free range
  2. The Parish Council has been working hard to make sure our voice is heard in the bid for the Unitary Council.  We were very pleased with the revised version, which ensures that the local plan stays in place. They will keep you posted.
  3. The crossroads at Majors Road have still been a cause of concern with vehicles blissfully unaware of the impending problem – especially when speeding. As a result, OCC has promised to repaint the junction lines.
  4. Our local area speed device has now been purchased, and the monitoring areas have been risk-assessed. As a result, volunteer training will be announced soon. Coleshill has the equipment at the moment and has stopped their speeding issue. However, they do have a big group of volunteers that have been going out daily, and that has had a big impact.
  5. The Next PC meeting is on Thursday 23d March in the church at 7pm
  6. The Chair of LPC, Andi Cunningham, attended part 2 of the local plan this week and it looks like the Abingdon area will take the next large growth required with Dalton Barracks etc.
  7. Longcot Parish Council has to have a separate website for Parish papers as per local government requirement.  So we have got the following website HERE .  (Probably a good idea as I am rubbish at putting the notices up! Ed)
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