Village Notices for January from The Parish Council

  1. Broadband- Chris has been in contact all the time with BT as we have not yet gone live – so you can’t book your broadband yet from cabinet 4 – however, Chris thinks its very close – so I will email you as soon as he hears.
  2. If anyone is interested in helping support a Longcot Speedwatch group, can they get in touch with Andi Cunningham please. The police give full training on the operation of the speed indication devices, and in the event that are area NAG gets one, it would be useful to know who will help to operate it. Other villages in the district, report a massive reduction in speeding complaints …….. to zero!
  3. If your roadside drains (grates) in front of your house are clogged with mud – then please try to unclog them, so that the water can get into the drains.
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3 Responses to Village Notices for January from The Parish Council

  1. hooch55 says:

    It’s here! I’ve been in touch with BT today and ordered BT Infiniti 1 with them for activation on 30th January. Adrian Rayson, Flat 2 The Old Vicarage Longcot…


    • Huzzah – it’s almost like being in the 21st century! Do let us know your Upload and Download speeds come the time. I think there might well be a difference between Cabinets


      • hooch55 says:

        I’ve got it – High Speed broadband with BT Infiniti 1 – it went live during today Monday 30th Jan ’17 whilst I was at work! I have just done a speed check and got 51.6 mb/s download and 5.39 mb/s upload speeds. This is via Cabinet 14, which might be the new one in Kings Lane, I don’t know. When I spoke to BT last week to book the new broadband they were most helpful and encouraged me to go for BT Infiniti 1 as opposed to BT Infiniti 2 as being in our rural location it was thought one would pay for BT2 but only get BT1 speeds. Added to which they offered me all sorts of discounts and special offers. Given that at the weekend I was getting about 1.5 mb/s download speeds to have new download speeds about 40 times quicker is certainly going to change my online existence! Good luck to everyone else venturing into the world of high speed broadband. I think Longcot has been taken by the hand and led gently (and bloody slowly!) into the 21st century…!


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