Road Closures, Bridge Repairs, and a “Flabbergasted” Network Rail

For whatever reason, two local bridges that were repaired or renewed in recent years, now need further attention. Fortunately, this is only our money being wasted, by a variety of corrupted road surface issues.


  1. The B4508 Shrivenham Road will be closed on 17th October for five days at the Cleveland Bridge, the small (and collapsing) hump over the Ock, just before the crossroads with  Majors Road and Old Wharf Road.
    1. There will be no through route for emergency service vehicles.
    2. Further information regarding the works may be obtained by contacting Ben Dodds, OCC Highways & Transport on 0845 310 11 11.
    3. This will also require a diversion scheme – the map for which you can download map HERE. The bridge location is shown below.
    4. cleveland-bridge
  2. The Challow Station Bridge – completely replaced at taxpayers’ expense less than two years ago – has had an application from the “totally flabbergasted” Network Rail to be closed from October 3rd until October 16th for investigation and possible repairs.
    1. This would also involve a diversion plan which the 6500+ daily commuters will well remember from before.
    2. HOWEVER Ed Vaizey (MP PC) has asked for it to be only a partial closure in order to keep a single lane open. Further news is expected shortly and I will try to alert you when we know.
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