Village Walk 6 September and 4 October

This note from Guy and Jacqui….

As you many of you know it is John Forster’s funeral on the 6 September, and it is also the the day of the village walk. In view of the fact that John was so instrumental in making the Village Walks happen it only seems appropriate that we continue with his initiative, particularly as a memorial on the day of his funeral. So we will be meeting as usual at 6 pm on The Green for a short walk that circumnavigates that village that John was so active in promoting.

John was very anxious that we continued with the tradition of the walks and he had already made arrangements with Farmer Gow’s for the October 4th to visit them and tour the sculpture exhibition. Because the nights are starting to close in we will be meeting at 5:45 pm to walk to Farmer Gow’s, alternatively you can go there directly for a 6:00 pm start to the tour.


Guy and Jacqui


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