Come and meet Oxfordshire’s tallest police

Fresh from protecting HM The Queen at Royal Ascot, two police horses from the Thames Valley Police Mounted Section, will be at The Dash tomorrow at 10.30 (give or take ten minues).


These gentle giants, together with their mounted officers, are hoping to meet as many children and parents as possible. Patient, friendly and often very brave, the horses will be taking part in a cross-border exercise later in the week on The Ridgeway. Horses are of course ideal for getting quickly to a site by going cross-country, even going where noisy quad-bikes may not have access.

Based in Milton Keynes, the two horses and their riders will then be heading down Mallins Lane and if any children want to follow on bikes, they can do so safely. The pair will then be going onto Watchfield recreation ground, to meet our village neighhbours.

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