Longcot Safari Supper – Saturday 17th October

The annual Longcot Safari Supper will be held on Saturday 17th October. A Safari Supper (sometimes called a Progressive Dinner) is a supper party with courses prepared and eaten at different homes. In Longcot this involves meeting up at the King and Queen, then being told where to go for the first course. The starter and main courses are then eaten at different homes and finally everybody comes together again at one last house for puddings and coffee. It involves a certain amount of walking around the village but it is a great social event with a side purpose of raising a little money for the renovations for St Mary’s church.

This year we will all meet at the King and Queen for a drink at about 7pm, then move off to individual house at about 7.30pm. all the participating homes will be clearly marked with large BBQ torches but we recommend that you also carry your own torches.

We already have some volunteer hosts for he simple courses and more may be needed depending on numbers. singles, couples, or groups of friends are all welcome. So if you would like to host one simple course for 6 to 8 people or just want to join in and enjoy the evening please let us know.

We do not intend to sell tickets for the event or have a fixed charge. Instead you will be able to make a donation to St Mary’s church, if you wish, using a gift aid envelope (suggested amount £10 per person). We shall also have a raffle at the final venue with prizes donated by participants and those unable to come who would like to support the event.

Please contact us by email at hazelreid@btinternet.com if you wish to join us as a host or guest. we will then send further information. Head your email “Safari Supper” in case the computer diverts it into the spam file, and if you do not get a response (or do not have internet), please call us on 01793 783324

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