Summary of last village walk of 2013!

 Following the most recent (and last of 2013) village walk, John wrote the following:
1.      The music evening was more than OK by OKtaves standards. 
So good to hear local talent and singalong with,(thanks to Chris Park & Welsh Jonathon,
    with music teacher & master guitar player Pete Hayes & Sally with local choir etc)
after another interesting and OaK WALK07 Tree Tour into darkness.
        Mark& Sally liked the musical fun too and encourage us to have more musical evenings.
So let us join together again on FIRST TUESDAYS as in Longcot800 Calendar: With fireworks on Tuesday Bonfire Night 5th November!
2.  An idea emerged from WALK07,for 2016 anniversary for Longcot800.  Anne Gow et al reminded us that we are part of the Great Western  Community Forest  scheme and can win grants to plant new trees.  Where and how many trees and why?  This can be on the agenda on Longcot800 next think tank?  Farmer Gow’s have already planted 1600 trees to make a new village woodland in a few decades time.
Heritage Link Up & trees we like
PS Next Longcot800 Evening walk on First Tuesday All Fools Day 1st April 2014.
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