Longcot 800

Longcot 800

Longcot 800 – Why, Who and What it All Means

As we are a small village just on the western edge of Oxfordshire, which in the past had all the local amenities expected of a village, the years since 2011 have seen a collective form a group with the aim of bringing the village “together”.

However, over the last 20 or so years like many villages, we have lost all our local  shops, including the Post Office, one of our village pubs closed and the surviving one should always be supported!

This loss of amenity combined with diminishing financial support from central and local government have combined to affect the fabric of our community…………

The Longcot 800 collective of villagers (of all ages) is now doing what they can to ensure the survival of those pillars of village life. These include – but are by no means limited to

  • St Mary’s Church
  • The King & Queen pub
  • The Methodist Chapel,
  • A “Village” Community Room or centre
  • Some sort of sports facilities (e.g. the tennis court)
  • Longcot and Fernham Primary School

– and all with the aim to develop the community spirit.

Our collective efforts will be coordinated under the umbrella of ‘Longcot 800’ which commemorates the upcoming anniversary of the founding of the church and recognition of the village as an entity (or in layman’s terms its 800th birthday!!). The tasks to be undertaken include fund raising to allow the church to be adapted for wider community use  i.e. to use it as a village building and not just as a church which means we need to install a kitchen and toilets, the development of our recently revived annual Village Fair (in partnership with the school PTA), a calendar of village activities and events plus a range of village enhancements to encourage community cohesiveness such as Easter Eggs hunts, Big Lunches along with the rest of the UK, village walks as a collective, “bring & buy” sales, fabulous Ocktave evenings of music in our stunning church………even carols round our own Christmas tree on the green! Simple but effective.

Who is/are Longcot 800?

A group of villagers – young and slightly older – who most recently were responsible for organising the revived Village Fairs, the Jubilee Lunch, the “bring & buy” at the pub and who simply want the best for the village and its inhabitants.

It is not a closed shop by any means and new members are welcome with open arms!

Longcot Needs You

Longcot Needs You

Our work and our activities really need you to throw your weight behind it, by simply helping, supporting, contributing or whatever else you think might help make a difference to Longcot.!!

Longcot 800 is headed by Keith Reid as treasurer and supported by Peter, Rosemary, John & Ali, Aileen, Chris, Louise, Amanda, Anna, Belinda, Kate, Daren and more members welcome please!

Are there events planned for 2016 already? – our 800th birthday!

There are – and we’ll be posting full details both here and on our Facebook page! You can also receive emails whenever we post a message by simply registering here.

And in order to become more informative throughout 2016 and beyond we are building this dedicated village website with email longcotvillage@gmail.com so we can both publish events, news and tell the world about our village.

All very exciting indeed!

How can you help – what can YOU do?

Simply email longcotvillage@gmail.com and let us know your ideas or ways in which you  would like to become a part of Longcot 800.

As a village we have a lot to be proud of – an outstanding Primary School, a beautiful church and churchyard with an award winning wildlife garden and welcoming chapel, a functional community room, a well-run and cosy pub with a fabulous restaurant, a friendly atmosphere and a place where people clearly choose to live. Let’s all celebrate the best it has to offer and look to the future and it’s imminent 800th birthday.

Our mission statement:

Longcot 800  Promoting Village and Community Living

The mission of The Longcot 800 Committee is to finance and manage improvements in Longcot village, which aim to benefit its entire community by creating fund-raising events and activities for all to enjoy and support.

Longcot 800’s current focus is the development of St Mary’s Church to extend its use as a community resource within its scope as a place of worship.

Longcot 800 is managed by a committee of village volunteers and answers directly to the Longcot community for its accounts and activities.

Longcot 800 structure:

Longcot 800 limits its reach to the area of Longcot, which lies within the electoral Parish boundaries. As a separate entity, the group will work in parallel and collaborate on individual projects where appropriate, with:

  • The PCC (Parish Council)
  • The Longcot Community Room Committee (which currently manages the Longcot Community Room attached to Longcot & Fernham Primary School).
  • The PTA

To ensure financial security the accounts of Longcot 800 are currently held with those of Longcot & Fernham Joint Parish Parochial Church Council. These funds are managed in accordance with the provisions of the Charity Commission. An independent accountant audits both Church and Longcot 800 funds annually.

Thank You



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